Pot are the best planters who don’t have direct soil to plant their tiny plants. I had a bunch of tiny little pots. I used them as planters for small plants and succulents in my house.Painted pots

These pots are adorable for the pretty shape and the tiny size. To make it even more attractive I made simple paintings on them. I had plenty of them so I chose a very simple design. You can do any kind of doodling and let your imagination play the game.

Painted pot planters

Here is how I made them.

Supplies Required :

  • Tiny mud pots
  • All purpose paint (Black and yellow)
  • Brush two sizes (Broad and 5mm)
  • Sand paper.
  • Soil/Dirt
  • Tiny plants/Succulents

Method :

  1. Pick your little pots and rub its outsides with Sand paper a little to smoothen it
  2. Apply a primer on all the pots
  3. Let them dry.
  4. Use broad brush to paint Black colour(You can paint any of your favourite Black Paint background colour) on all the pots.
  5. No need to paint the bottom
  6. Let it dry for an hour and then start your designingYellow design
  7. I did a simple design with yellow dots on black background and the contrast combination was amazing and it looks attractive
  8. I even painted the brim of the pots with the yellow colour.
  9. After designing let them dry for 20 mins.painted pots
  10. Now the planters are ready fill in t he soil and plant your favourite plants on them.
  11. They look even more cute now.
  12. I arranged them along my steps. They make my railings look even more prettier.pots on the Steps
  13. Love these cuties. Try your own and add colour to your roof gardens 🙂painted pots

Happy crafting