Making handmade bookmarks are real fun. I made a few handmade bookmarks with use of water colour. I used patterned design. It was much easier and we can even gift them to our friends.bookmarks

Handmade Bookmark DIY

Supplies Required :

  • Card stock
  • Watercolour
  • Picture Varnish

My Method :

  1. Draw the pattern on the cardstock. I drew for 6 bookmarks side by sideoutline
  2. I chose triangular patterns
  3. Each bookmark has two contrasting colourspaint
  4. Paint the colours with water colour.
  5. In watercolours prefer the cake colours rather than tube colours because they are less messydry
  6. Let it dry. But after its dry cut the bookmarks and separate it.
  7. The colour might come off after it is dry, to avoid this paint picture varnish over the colour
  8. This varnish helps to brighten up the colours and prevents from coming off.
  9. We can add a ribbon on top by punching a hole but I left it as it is.
  10. Pretty patterned bookmarks ready !
  11. Now you can gift them to your loved ones. Tiny handmade gifts makes the person feel special 🙂cut

Happy crafting


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