Paper cutting and collage making is such a fun thing do.I made one such simple magazine paper collage. I didn’t involve any colours But I liked the way it turned out.Take a look at my pretty collage 🙂Collage

Supplies Required :

  • Plain Magazine Paper
  • Black chart
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue

My Method :

  1. I chose a plain colourless magazine page I wanted it to be plain but its your choice you can even choose colourful pages.It will be more fun
  2. Then a design has to be chosen.Mine is a simple Recycle tree logo
  3.  I cut out leaves of two sizes 7 big leaves and 6 small leaves and a silhouette trunk for the tree
  4. Stick the cut pieces on a black chart as in the picture
  5. That’s it almost my tree collage is ready.
  6. Then I made a handmade frame for it with handmade paper cardboard and OHP sheet.
  7. It turned out to be a really stylish Collage.
  8. This adorable tree collage now hangs in my sisters office wall 🙂
  9. Very simple and pretty isn’t it ? Hardly 15 mins to make
  10. Hope you will try making one for yourself

Happy crafting


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