Hello 🙂

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day so I wanted to share with you the Thank giving greeting card I made for my friends. Its really very simple and pretty card I made with the water colours.Thanks giving

Supplies Required :

  • Card stock
  • Water colour
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Floral punch (Optional)

My Methodto make this happy thanksgiving card

  1. Take a card stock.
  2. Start painting strokes of different colours diagonally one below the other of approximately 0.5 cm thicknesspainting lines
  3. I used cake water colours they are amazing
  4. I started with the red colour and continued to paint all the available colours in my paint box in random combinations
  5. And it turned out pretty nice
  6. After it dries I cut out a nice square out of it
  7. I added a quote saying “Thanks Giving !” on the card
  8. Then a small floral punch as a tiny embellishment.Thanks Giving
  9. That’s it simple pretty Thanks Giving greeting card ready in like hardly 5 mins 🙂
  10. Easy isn’t it no difficult painting skills required. No costly craft stuffs. Very simple and so pretty I love it
  11. I turned the card and wrote all the wishes and posted the card to my lovely friends 🙂
  12. Good luck on making your own greeting cards.They mean more than Hallmark cards!

Happy crafting


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