Newspaper is one of the best recycle material. You get plenty of them which can be recycled and reused in zillion different ways. There are more creative ideas to use them.Even I have written a post on Newspaper wall hanging. Now I made one more recycle project out of old newspapers.

Its is pretty as well as purposeful most importantly its recycled/reused. That makes it more appealing for me. So lets see how i made this multipurpose holder with just newspapers and glue.newspaper holder

Supplies Required:

  • Old Newspaper
  • White craft glue
  • Old pen refill

My Method :

  1. Make the base of the holder in a rectangular shape. This is made like a coaster.Check out my previous post here to learn to make the bottom part.newspaper holder
  2. Once the base is ready we have to make the stumps which form the walls of the holder.
  3. Basic idea is to stick the stumps together and make like sheetsnewspaper holder
  4. To make the stumps or sticks, Cut a rectangular piece of newspaper based on the height required start rolling it with the old refill continue
  5. Prepare ample number of sticks same way stick it on the sides of the coaster prepared earlier.newspaper holder
  6. Same way complete all the sides.It will look like this on the bottomnewspaper holder
  7. Then apply a mixture of glue and water in the ration (2:1) over the stand to make it more sturdy.newspaper holder
  8. Thats it mulitpurpose holder ready ! Easy isn’t it ? Try making one four yourself.newspaper holder

Happy crafting