Hi buddies: Ready for another DIY project ? This time I have chosen a simple easy fun and CHEAP project which only requires paper and glue. We can do this practically with any paper. The recycler in me would prefer colourful newspaper or magazine paper which would be dutifully zero cost and will be recycled project. But for now I will stick to coloured origami papers for this. So whats the big fuzz about the paper project ? We are going to make colourful Paper Flower ! This is so simple even the kids can make a few and feel proud about there creation . Are you ready for some fun ? Lets jump into the tutorial straight away

Paper Flower

Supplies Required :

  • Craft paper (I chose red colour) 12cm x 12cm size
  • White Glue
  • Scissors
  • Really thats it Nothing more 🙂

My Method :

  1. Take a square piece of craft or origami paper (Mine is red colour )
  2. You can even use magazine papers as I mentioned earlier they might have plenty of colours and would be recycled craft.
  3. Now cut the square into 4 equal parts 6cm x 6cm each piecesteps
  4. Take each piece and fold it in accordion style with each folds of 1/2 cm size
  5. Same way fold  all the four pieces as accordions and keep ready
  6. This accordion folding and fan making i probably the easiest and one of the mandatory crafts any kid would have done definitely and so this can be done by all the kids
  7. Once the accordions are folded next step is to fold those accordions into half
  8. Fold the four pieces in  the middle
  9. Stick them in the middle , you will get quarter of the rosette
  10. Yeah we are almost there similarly fold all four accordions and stick them in the middle and form all the quarters of the rosette
  11. Next step is same as you have guessed stick all four quarters side by side to form the complete circle
  12. Tada ! Paper Rosette ready ! 🙂


Didn’t I tell you it is so easy and fun to make ? You can even arrange a kids activity party and give them all colourful papers to fold the accordions. It would be better if do the cutting-into-four-pieces part before giving them to the kids. You can organise craft parties and this would be good DIY project to be done together 🙂 And once the rosettes are done what to do with them ? 🙂 Don’t worry I have got plenty of Ideas to use them. These can be used as decorative hangings. Wall decors, Part decorations. You can make big size ones to use for party decorative. Small ones can be added as embellishments in greeting cards or any craft projects etc. So make plenty of those beautiful colourful rosettes and use them in every possible way. Have fun 🙂

Happy crafting


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