Hello friends : This is my first post and so I have planned to give you a simple and beautiful DIY craft. Even kids can try this craft. Its so simple yet would make a pretty piece of art 🙂 . Its called sand art. Not those sand arts made on the beach. This is made on a piece of paper with a hand full of fine sand. Really believe me its that simple. Ok I will show you how to make one for yourself.

Sand Art

sand art

Things you will need to make a sand art on paper

  1. Black chart
  2. Fine sand
  3. Craft glue
  4. A card board
  5. Scissors

My method :

  1. First step is to chose a your design. It can be anything a floral pattern or anything you wish. You can even draw your own doodle.
  2. But keep in mind not to chose thin line drawings.
  3. Once the design is chosen. Draw it on a black chart.
  4. If you are good enough you can do free hand sketching
  5. In case you have difficulty in drawing you can trace it. how ? don’t worry will tell you 🙂
  6. Take a print out of the design you wanted to make as sand art.
  7. Place a white carbon below the design printout and then black chart below the carbon.
  8. Now Trace  on the design paper. Simple isn’t it ?
  9. Ok now the design is ready on the black chart.
  10. Next step is to fill the design by sticking fine sand on it
  11. Spread craft glue on the Design part by part.
  12. Apply glue on a small portion of the design sprinkle ample fine sand on it before the glue gets dry.          Sand art
  13. Let it dry for sometime( say 5 mins ). Then turn it upside down and remove the excess sand.
  14. Wipe of excess sand sticking other than on the design portion.
  15.  Continue the same procedure part by part until you complete the design.
  16. Keep a tissue paper to wipe out the excess sand around the design.
  17. To add details lines designs inside use a tooth pick and draw on the sand while its wet and remove the excess sandSand art
  18. Make sure outer edges of the design are crisp and clean.
  19. Once the design is completely dry. You can add one more layer of sand in the same way. (optional).
  20. If you are satisfied with one layer and doesn’t want to smudge or disturb the design better leave it with only one layer.
  21. Stick the black chart on a card board and frame it.
  22. Thats it ! Sand art ready   🙂
  23. how-to-make-sand-art

Do you like it ? Then I want you to try it ! Do your designs and tell me how you liked it. Its time for you to make your own piece of art 🙂

Happy Crafting 🙂