Its the Valentine season and all are busy getting gifts for their loved ones. More than shop bought gifts handmade gifts are always special they are really close to our heart even if they are not costly or pretty because its the effort of our loved ones to make us a gift which we value more than the gift itself. So what i say is this time don’t buy a Valentine gift instead make one yourself and your loved one will definitely like it.

There are plenty of ideas all over the internet. I would teach you one of my gift idea. Its a heart shaped love box to save all your tiny collections. We might have saved so many tiny memory charms so i am going to show you how to make a love box for storing all your memory charms. You can gift this box with a tag. “Save our love”. The basic idea behind this is to store those memory charms say bus tickets, chocolate wrappers, Popsicles anything you save stick a tiny note along with it and store it in the box. Off to the tutorialheart box

Things You will need :

  • Old notebook cardboard wraps
  • Handmade paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorations
  • Satin Ribbon

 My method :

  1. Cut out two heart shaped cardboards. I used old notebook bindings to cut these.
  2. Cut two more strips of 3 cm width cardboard for the walls of the box.cardboard pieces
  3. Stick this two strips along the edge of one of the heart shaped cardboard this servers as the base of the box.connect box walls
  4. You can either hold it with your hands or use rubber bands to hold it in place.
  5. Base of the box is ready and lid
  6. To make it  pretty I covered it with red colour handmade paper.wrapping handmade paper wrap
  7. Now the lid has to be connected to the base. I made a mistake here I connected it to the left side instead of right side. (never mind still i like it)opening connectionconnecting ribbon
  8. I used a satin ribbon to connect the lid and the box diagonally across the heart
  9. The Ribbon is not visible since its covered by the handmade paper.
  10. While covering the lid with this handmade paper. Leave an excess bit whichever side you want to connect it to the bottom box and stick it to the box. Thats it almost done.
  11. The box and the lid is ready
  12. wrapped fully
  13. Now Decorate the box as you wish. I used some rhinestones glitters and Ribbons to decorate itDecoratives
  14. Pretty isn’t it ?heart box
  15. Your love box is ready 🙂  Gift it Your loved one and let them store their lovely charms in it 🙂charms

Happy Crafting