I have been having ugly coffee circles on my office table due to the coffee cup. Its time I should make one coaster. But It has to be simple and neat. It should absorb moisture. The Rings should not be reflected on the coaster now. I had all these criteria so I chose to make one with thick Burlap thread.I will show you how I made it. Its really very simple and will take hardly 10 mins to make it
burlap coaster
Supplies Required :
  • Burlap Thread
  • Fevicolsupplies
My Method:
Actually There is no big procedure or method to make it its simple just start rolling it flat in the form of a circle. And glue it as you roll.
coaster steps
Mix fevicol and water in 2:1 and apply this mixture on this coaster.
This helps in binding it together and gives a shiny effect.
Thats it simple rustic coaster ready.
And it meets all my requirements ! I am happy 🙂
coffee coaster
Now my coffee mug sits comfortably on this pretty coaster. No more worries on ugly coffee circles !
Happy Crafting