I had these cookie boxes at home and wanted to make something reusable with them. A  pen stand is a regular Idea.  I wanted to make something different and purposeful. Then this idea struck me. I wanted to make a spectacle stand for my mom and dad. They keep misplacing their glasses and I wanted to make a pecs holder for them so I used these boxes to make one.I had two compartments for both of them. Let me tell you how I made itspecs stand

Supplies you will need:

  • Empty cookie box
  • Cardboard piece
  • Packing Foam
  • Old CD
  • Gift wrapper/Magazine Pages
  • Glue
  • Scissors

My Method :

  1. Cut the top of the box leaving the required height ( atleast an inch less than t he specs height) of the boxcookie box
  2. Cut a small cardboard piece of the same height for partitioning the box into two halves
  3. Stick it inside the box at the middle.
  4. Cover the insides of the box and partition with packing foam or any soft foam sheets to prevent scratches on the glassesspecs stand
  5. Stick cardboards around the box to make it sturdy and thicker.
  6. Now cover the outside with gift wrapper or any pretty paper of your choice I used a Magazine Page
  7. Then decorate it as your wish. I left it simple the Magazine paper had a few detailsspecs stand
  8. Stick an old CD as a base for this stand.
  9. Thats it simple and a quick DIY specs stand ready !specs stand
  10. Mine holds two specs simultaneously so my parents use them to keep both of their glasses
  11. No more misplacing of glasses. Chose a place where you want to keep it.specs stand

Happy crafting