pencil shaving Art is actually a Back to school craft. Have you fancied the perfectly round Pencil shavings we get from a new pencil during childhoods. We used to save those perfect circle shaped shavings between our book pages. Here I can show you how to convert your pencil shaving to a beautiful art


Thats was the first time I learnt to make an art out of waste. All our school craft teachers might have taught us that kind of a craft. Though it looks childish I like the pencil shaving art :). Recently I made one and wanted to share with you my nostalgic childhood art.

Supplies you will need:

  • Pencil shavings
  • Craft Glue
  • Markers
  • Some seeds

How to Make craft with pencil shavings

  1. Draw a design of your choice to fit in your pencil shavings its up to your creativity
  2. I chose a simple floral design.
  3. Draw a rough outline of the design on a White chart
  4. Cut out the pencil shavings in desired shapes
  5. I got 6 perfect circles I used them as flowersart-with-pencil-shavings
  6. And the balance bits I fancied as small flower buds and a tiny butterfly 🙂Butterfly and buds
  7. I cut them in the desired shape with small scissors
  8. I used some seeds also for lines
  9. Now Stick the pencil shavings in the appropriate places in the design
  10. Then complete the design drawing leaves and stem with green and black markersPencil shaving art
  11. Stick it on a thick cardboard. Cover the sides with Black Duct tape for faux frame.
  12. Cover the cardboard with transparent Glass paper. Thats it ready ! 🙂
  13. Hang it on your favourite wall and adore your nostalgic back to school craft.
  14. Make one yourself Its really simple all o us have made it in school days recreate and enjoy the same joy 🙂
  15. Tell me how you liked it 🙂


Happy crafting