We have heard a million ideas for recycling our old T shirts. There are plenty of them mostly making rugs, making yarns out of them and braiding them is one of the famous idea. Making bags out of t shirts is also a nice idea. Here I am adding my Idea to the list as well. I used one of my old T-shirt into a Monitor cover for the LCD monitor of my PC πŸ™‚Β That was so simple to make no need of sewing skills and it fitted perfectly well. Now thats a purposeful recycling craft as I always liked. So shall we start

cover for my PC

Thats my PC and the monitor cover I stitched πŸ™‚

Supplies you will need:

  • Old Tshirt
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors

My Method:

  1. I had this 15″ LCD monitor and I wanted a cover for my PC and I recycled my Old T shirt to make one
  2. First step is measure your monitor height and the length of T shirt from the Arm hole joint to the bottom of the T shirt.cut t shirt
  3. My t shirt length and my monitor length matched so I drew a straight line on the T shirt right below the arm holes and cut it.
  4. That leaves a tube kind of a piece
  5. Now reverse the T shirt and stitch along the cut by attaching the two pieces and closing the opening.
  6. stitch t shirt
  7. Once the opening is closed Cover is ready.
  8. In case the sides are very loose you can put stitches on the sides to fit it to the monitor.If it is smaller T shirts will generally expand and that will not be a problem
  9. My T shirt size matched for my monitor so mine didn’t need any side stitches.
  10. Reverse the T shirt and cover your monitor. Wasn’t it easy and quick ? Try one yourself
  11. In the front you might do any design work or if your T shirt already had any quotes or designs It may look pretty on your monitor.
  12. I left mine plain because one reason is I was lazy another is I liked it that way
  13. May be after sometime I might paint something on it. I will share it with you if I made.

Thats it pretty T shirt Monitor cover ready. Now dig and find your old T shirts and stitch your own covers for anything you want with minimum sewing skillsmonitor cover

Happy Crafting πŸ™‚


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