Long since I wanted a coin purse to keep the change. So I decided to stitch one myself. I wanted it to be colourful and attractive. The idea struck to make it in the shape of any colourful fruit. I chose strawberry and it came out so well. Its handy pretty and Purposeful.I liked it very much.Lets see how I made it. It requires minimum stitching skills.

Coin purse

Supplies you will need:

  • 2 pieces of Red colour cloth
  • A piece of green colour cloth
  • Thick lining material
  • Supplies for stitching

My Method :

  1. Cut two pieces of Square red cloth of size approximately 8cm x 8cm and two pieces of lining cloth with same sizesteps
  2. Align both and fold in the centre
  3. Mark a triangular outline on it as shown in the picture and cut it along with the lining material. Open the triangles
  4. Join the Lining material along with the pieces and put a stitch on all sides
  5. Cut the Green cloth around two inch width and length same as the longest side of the Red piece
  6. Fold the green cloth along the length and attach on the sides of the red cloth on the lining side as shown in the picture
  7. Now two sides of the purse ready the green part is used to insert the draw string.
  8. Insert the string on the green loop and stitch above the string to keep it in placeDSC00834
  9. Stitch the two red pieces inside out on the three sides. the green cloth side will be the opening.DSC00836
  10. Reverse the pouch You ll get a triangular shape pouch
  11. I made some small polka dots on the red piece with white fabric paint for the strawberry effectDSC00837
  12. Let it dry .
  13. Thats it purse ready. Put in your coins and close the drawstring the pouch it takes the shape of a strawberry 🙂DSC00838

Pretty Strawberry drawstring coin purse 🙂 Make one yourself and brag the one in kind of purse you made to your friends.

Happy crafting


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