I had many colourful plastic grocery bags and wanted to recycle them. So thought of a craft idea.I made pretty flower from those bags. It wasn’t very difficult. Anyone could make them and takes very less time.I will show you how I made these pretty flowers from grocery bagsPlastic bag flowers

Supplies you will need :

  • Plastic Grocery Bags
  • Old empty Pen Refills
  • Cellophane tape
  • Scissorssupplies
 My Method :
  1. Cut the handles and bottom of the grocery bagcut bottom and top
  2. You will get a tube kind of piecetube
  3. Cut the tube into horizontal strips of 4cm widthpiece
  4. Take a strip and Keep Folding until you get a small piece as shown in the picturefoldedfold
  5. Cut a curve shape like a 2 in the folded piece (Follow picture)2 shape
  6. When you unfold the strip you will get a long strip of continuous heart shape petalsgarland of petals
  7. Take one end of the strip and roll it around the tip of the old refill this will serve as the stem of the flowersroll
  8. Continue to roll until the strip is completely wrapped around the refill. Add two or three strips to form a flower shape with more petals.petals
  9. Adjust the petals and stick it to the refill with the cellophane tape.flower
  10. Thats it make a bunch of flowers the same way and adore your vase with colourful flowersPlastic bag flowers
Happy crafting