I love to keep a lot of plants in my house. But problem is I don’t have floor space no real mud all our land is filled with concrete floors so I make use of all waste containers as planters. The best way to recycle or reuse broken or old containers is using them as planters. Mostly I reuse plastic pet bottles for planters. Long ago I made a reverse hanging planter out of a plastic bottle. Lets see how I made it. Sorry I didn’t take step by step photos since I didn’t think  I will write a post on it, but anyway I will try my best to make you understand through my explanation.                                     Reverse planter

Supplies you will need :

  • Plastic pet bottles (preferably 2 ltrs )
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Plastic grocery Bag
  • A small plant
  • Wire/Thick String for hanging
  • Soil/DirtPlastic bottles

My Method :

  1. Take any big Plastic PET bottle of any size your wish mine is a 2 ltr bottle
  2. Cut of the bottom of the bottle
  3. Punch 3 holes near the cut edges
  4. Connect three strings through these holes, they are for hanging the planter
  5. Remove the cap
  6. Take a small sapling which is grown a little more than 5 inch . Pull it out of soil
  7. Insert the root of the plant through the cap of the bottle
  8. Wrap the root of the plant with plastic cover, the cover is protection for soil leakage through the opening
  9. Fill dirt inside the bottle and hang it  with the Strings
  10. Thats it pretty reverse hanging planter ready. No need of extra space or money for your green thumb 🙂First day
  11. But after few days the plants bend and grow upwards only that’s the beauty of nature 🙂
  12. Reverse planter

Happy crafting