I had been planning to make some small gift for my neighbour for long time and finally decided on this she is an organizing freek and has an habit of collecting pretty things. I love her kitchen and pooja room. This tiny gift is for her pooja shelf its a Rangoli kundan mat for the center lamp. So I decided to make Kundan Rangoli for her. I also thought if I publish it here you will also understand “How To Make Kundan Rangoli”Rangoli lamp mat

How To Make Kundan Rangoli for Diya lamp Step by Step

Supplies Required:

  • OHP Sheet(Plastic sheet)
  • Kundan stones (Rhine stones)
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Bangle
  • Golden bead string

My method :

  1. Take an old bangle I used a golden color one. Stick it on the middle of the OHP sheet with craft glue Stick bangle
  2. This is the basic shape we have to build on this
  3. My mat is in circular shape we start by sticking pale pink stones around the bangle Arrange kundan stones
  4. Next a round of tea drop shape dark pink kundan stones where stuck in between the circular stones Arrange kundan stones
  5. After that a round of blue stones were stuck with some space in between
  6. Then the golden beaded string was struck around the blue stones circle on both sides of the stone as a border stick golden beads
  7. That’s it now the OHP Sheet is cut along the outer circle also the inner circle inside the bangle is cut out Rangoli lamp mat
  8. Pretty kundan rangoli mat for diya lamp is ready !
  9. How is my choice of gift ? 🙂 Rangoli lamp mat

Happy crafting