One boring sunday and a bunch of newspaper probed me to make something out of them. I always love to make recycle craft. And so I ended up making paper dahlias with the newspaper. Paper Dahlias are beautiful wall decor and very easy to make. Though they can be made with colour papers I preferred making them with newspapers. Since I like recycling. Newspaper flowers give a rustic look. Ok Lets see how I made them
Newspaper Dahlia Flower

Supplies Required :

  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Chart Sheet
  • Kundan stones (optional)

My Method :

  1. Take a circular piece of chart this forms the base of the flower.
  2. Next step is to prepare petals for the flower.
  3. Cut a bunch of square pieces of news paper approximately 5x5cm size
  4. Stick two adjacent sides of the square piece forming conical shape
  5. Paper Dahlia steps
  6. Make ample number of these paper cones
  7. Stick the cones on the base circular chart as shown in the picture
  8. Continue sticking until you cover the circular chart piece completely.
  9. That’s it pretty paper dahlias ready
  10. I stuck the flower on the door and it looked amazing
  11. You can even try making them using color papers or orgami sheets
  12. Such an easy and amazing wall decorPaper Dahlia
  13. I made one more variation of it. Instead of filling it completely I stuck a small sheet in the middle and made a few quilling design on it and stuck kundan stones for decorating
  14. This one I stuck on my cupboard.Paper flowers
  15. Which one did you like most ?
  16. paper flower

Happy crafting