I recently stitched a simple specs pouch. My specs box was broken and I thought of making one my self. Hence I made a pouch with things I had in hand.DSC07599

Supplies Required :

  • Cloth
  • Sewing Machine
  • Foam
  • Needle

My Method:

  1. Cut two pieces of square  cloth. 10cm x 10cm
  2. I used one cotton cloth (pink) and another piece from one of my  cotton t-shirt.
  3. Place the two pieces (wrong side out) back to back and stitch on three sidesStitching steps
  4. Leave one side without stitching
  5. Reverse the cloth. It forms like a pouch with one opening
  6. Insert the foam inside this pouch formation and stitch this side as well and close it.
  7. I got this foam from the broken spectacle boxbroken box
  8. Form a small loop around 5 cm long and stitch on the side which was closed last
  9. Stitch a big button on the pink cotton piece side
  10. Fold cloth and stitch on sides with needle and thread as shown in the picture.Fold and stitch
  11. Thats it Pouch is ready !Specs pouch

Happy crafting